How to calculate Import Duty



On the click of a button, the software, accurately and in a matter of milliseconds calculates customs duty payable to the Nigeria Customs by simply providing import details.



Use Nigeria first and No 1 Custom duty calculator software to calculate total import duty payable to the Nigerian Customs Service for all imports, from any country to Nigeria. With Robez Freightliner Custom duty calculator, you are able to estimate all taxes, levies and duties to be paid on your imported items and cargo. Use your HS code, CIF, FOB to calculate the payable import duty of your importation. Import duty is a compulsory tax collected on imports by the customs office of any country. The nature, value and a country’s need either for the need of the product or to protect the domestic industry often dictates the percentage of import charged on goods.



Features and Benefits of Robez Freightliner Duty Calculator

Robez Freightliner Custom duty calculator is user friendly, fast, efficient and reliable. You can access the import duty calculator through Robez Freightliner official website: Below are some of the features of Robez Freightliner Import Duty Calculator:

 It is user friendly: It is very easy to navigate and understand the different app features.

 It is fast: In a matter of milliseconds after input ting your data and figures, you get an accurate value as your import duty.

 No special skill required: You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to navigate and operate the features of the software.

 Easy access to the data: The data you need to ge t your import duty is not far fetched, it is something you can easily get through the customs portal and information on your shipment; HS code (Harmonized System Code), CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight value), and FOB (Freight on Board i.e the total cost of the cargo)



Enjoy the following benefit when you use our Import Duty Calculator; No login is needed for now Instant results: Total customs duty payable is generated instantaneously. Free and unlimited usage Reserved right of privacy: Details of your shipment are not cap tured or stored. Full Meaning of Common Acronyms on The Import Duty Calculation


Find the full meaning of common acronyms in used while calculating Import Duty:

FOB: Freight on board CIF: Cost-Insurance-Freight ELTS: ECOWAS Liberalization Trade Scheme CISS: Comprehensive Import Supervision Scheme

How to calculate Import Duty

Here is the formula for the calculation of import duty in Nigeria with their appropriate percentage.

Custom Duty x% (Solely determined on the nature and description of the item by the Nigerian Customs Service)

 ELTS 0.5% on CIF

 Sur-changes 7% on duty

 CISS 1% on FOB

VAT 7.5% on the above plus the CIF.

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